To Do

Visit the two other islands that belong to the Gili trio:
The Gili islands consist of three islands: Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air are located between Lombok and Bali. A number of times a day the public boats move between the three islands, transporting locals, food and supplies. Depending on where the boat departs and moors the prices range from 20-30 rupiah ($2-$3AUD). Tickets are available from the harbors (where the boat leaves).

All islands are a must see and are fabulous locations for outdoor beach activities, or perhaps you would prefer to sit in a beach bar and enjoy lunch or dinner and watch the Gili world go by, just be mindful that you don’t miss the last boat back to Gili Air.

The locals are welcoming and always smiling. Tourism is the industry that supports most of the islanders and they are very willing to share with you stories about their island life.


The three islands are surrounded by coral reefs. You can snorkel off any beach on any of the islands. The Gili islands are famous for turtles, colourful seaweeds and marine life, the water temperature varies from 26 degree to 30 degrees so wet suits are not needed. Snorkelling gear is available for hire on all islands. Once you become comfortable with snorkelling a diving lesson or two should be considered.

The Gili Islands are known internationally for their rich underwater world. Green Sea Turtles and Oliver Ridley Turtles are abundant as are rays and reef fish. 20 plus world class dive sites are within easy distance. Gili Air has several dive centres catering for the experienced or novice offering PADI, SSI, Technical diving and Freediving. The dive schools all have dive pools for the beginner. Wet suits are available to hire on all islands or if you are particular just pack your own.

Surfing breaks exist off all of the Gili islands and can be reached by a local boat which is easy to hire, if you are feeling extra fit before your surf the breaks are a short paddle away. Gili Air has a reef break at the southern tip of the island. The break is short and fast and suitable for experienced surfers. While the surf is good during all tides, low tide presents issues with the treacherous coral reef.

Gili Trawangan’s surf spot is also at the southern end of the island. A fast right hand reef break that rewards surfers who can drop onto fast waves, promising long rides and good barrels. Again, the coral reef can be treacherous.

Gili Meno’s break is located off the islands southeast corner. Good swells at times off this shallow break.


Paddle Boarding
The calm Lombok Straight directly in front of Cabana Apartments is ideal for stand up paddle boarding. A relaxing and peaceful activity you can paddle at your own pace and be as close to the shore as you choose. A number of hire outlets are located along the Gili Air foreshore, some offering sunrise Yoga activities on the paddle board.

A number of fishing charters are available dependent on your budget, you can troll, bottom line fish or lure in the Lombok Straight and the Bali Sea. Species commonly caught in these waters; Coral Trout, Giant Trevally, Mackerel, Red Snapper and Tuna. The local restaurants serve “just caught” fresh fish daily at the evening BBQs for those who don’t manage to make a catch.

Bike riding
You can hire bikes for a small cost, between 30,000 and 50,000 rupiah ($3-$5 AUD) a day. Before you pay for the bike ensure; that the tires are pumped, the brakes work and you have a security lock. You don’t need a helmet, that said, be careful of other bike riders and the cidamos who use the same roads. You can ride your bike at night but it is a good idea to have either a torch or a headlight.

Day Trip to Lombok
Lombok has beautiful scenery and is more pristine than its sister island of Bali. Beautiful temples and rice paddies make Lombok a joy to experience. Lombok is famous for pottery and textiles. In central and southern Lombok there are a number of small villages where local handicrafts are the villagers source of income.

Senaru lies in the north of Lombok. Senaru is a traditional village which hosts two beautiful water falls. For those who enjoy walking, the waterfalls are located down a valley surrounded by jungle, trees and flowers.

Lombok can be negotiated on a motor bike or by private transport.